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The Vamos México Foundation has ignited a whole social movement in the country in favor of the most vulnerable groups, mainly girls, boys and women living in extreme poverty, as well as the elderly, the disabled and indigenous people.

“Friendship is a soul that inhabits two bodies, a heart that inhabits two souls.”


Success stories

The case of Mario Florez Ruiz (case study).
The case of Aldo torres (case study).
The case of Chuyia (case study).
The case of Carolina Vega.
The case of Leslie and Martina (success story).

Beneficiaries Vamos México

Sam Caster visits the Vamos México Foundation.
FVM – Delivering pantries in communities.
International Leadership of texas en centro Fox (mini-Documental).
Sam Caster in association with Vamos México 2019.
Vamos México travels to Chetumal (Mini-documentary).
Vamos México travels to Colima (mini-documentary).
Let’s go Mexico visit Jaral del Progreso (First part).
Let’s go Mexico visit Jaral del Progreso (second part).
Tournament with a cause 2019 (with Lorena Ochoa).
Torneo Houston Methodist 2019.
Tournament with a cause 2018 (5th edition).
Fashion days (6th Edition) – Fashion with a cause.
Fashion days (5th edition) – Fashion with a cause.

Beneficiaries of Our Programs

Next inauguration of the new Chrism.
Crisma – Barbara Healey (testimonial).
Chrism – Our Physical-Pediatric Therapies.
Chrism – hearing and speech therapies.
ARCA – 3 Tips for wheelchairs.
Forum adding for Mexico 2018 (with Rigoberta Menchú).

Meet and walk – informative video.

The construction of the new Chrism.
Alas – reality changers in fox center.
Alas reintegrating community leaders.
ARCA – The success of the deliveries of chairs 2019.
Let’s go Mexico visit Fiquis foundation.
Manos -Vamos México visits the Alucca Foundation.
Manos – Vamos Mexico visits Father Jacobo schools.
Hands – let’s go Mexico visits CIPEC.
Cedro – annual blankets delivery (general video).
CEDRO – kings day delivery 2019.
CEDRO – kings day caravan 2018.
CEDAR – informative video.
Home – informative video.