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“What is given to children, children will give to society.”

Augustus Menninger.

Fundación Vamos México is due to the people, hence it seeks to improve the quality of life, the environment and the experiences of the inhabitants of the communities.

When knowing the stories of the people who come to our programs, they are offered support with all possible means such as orientation, channeling and linking, in addition to providing them with psychological care and medications and, in some cases, they are linked with other institutions for their comprehensive care.

“Together we empower developing communities to believe in their dreams.”


With the support of our sponsors and collaborators, we work for the safety and well-being of those who come to Fundación Vamos México seeking support. And this is achieved by attending to its different problems.

Our job is to be managers with public and private institutions to create a bridge and make miracles happen.

We promote the development of communities surrounding San Cristóbal and for this, we prepare the ground for new generations and we do so by developing leaderships that help reduce poverty and health issues such as physical, emotional and social ailments of each inhabitant.