A sustainable generation
between the pandemic and hope

“Teamwork divides the work
and multiplies the results”

GREAT NEWS! Our leaders of the 5th Generation of the ALAS program of our Vamos México Foundation, received the best news at their Graduation after a year and a half of projects, uncertainty, discovery and teamwork. They will be able to attend the University of California San Diego for a week!


Every year, the generations of the ALAS program (Activating Leaders in Social Action), after meeting certain requirements for the elaboration of projects and met goals, attend UCSD (University of California San Diego) for three weeks where they are part of an integration program academic with young people from all over the world. There they coexist, meet and create new friendships and perspectives in a lot of sports, scientific, technical, literary activities, etc. In the specific case of the ALAS program, they receive a Bilingual Reading and Writing workshop where they exercise writing skills and improve their English.


2021, and it’s still a pandemic time. The new normal is here to stay, and the processes and adaptations changed the life of the world. This event not only reached large cities and economies, it also touched small communities around the world. Among them, San Cristóbal.
Their illusion of traveling abroad was hampered by sanitary restrictions, and everything seemed to indicate that the heart of the ALAS project (Activating Leaders in Social Action) would be lost. But despite this first impression of hopelessness, this 5th generation of ALAS showed that the trip to the United States, which was undoubtedly a unique experience, was not the true heart and meaning of the project. That corresponded to the own talents, enthusiasms and personalities of each of its members of this generation.

It is about 11 members (10 women and 1 man) who, with their immense effort and excellent projects, proved the value of teamwork and that personal aspirations are as strong as one wanted them, regardless of the trips. Well, one is a builder of their own journey, and with the capabilities of each member, they are assured constant discoveries on their life path.

Let us remember that this generation was the result of 79 projects presented by 8 different SABES schools, with students from at least 20 different communities. These 11 members won a place, not only in the history of the Vamos México Foundation, but in their own communities, who have new horizons and learning in their projects, having such capable leaders at hand.


Although at first it was thought as a chain of compensations for the trip that could not be made due to the pandemic, the 5th generation was discovered as one of the most productive in the history of the ALAS program.
Numerous links were made with universities and training for language classes, basic office, ICT certifications and psychological accompaniment. Even three of the leaders obtained a 50% scholarship from the EPCA University, for when they went to pursue their degree.
In addition to this, all the following projects were carried out jointly, relying directly on some of the other Fundación Vamos México programs, as well as initiatives according to their topics of greatest interest:


They also developed a significant number of social actions in support of various spaces in their communities. To your amazement regarding its tremendous production, we share them with you in detail:

• Activities with the elderly where the leaders served them to eat, play and enjoy both generations.
• Delivery of wheelchairs in two communities.
• Pantries for seniors.
• Collection of plastic caps to donate to AMADAVI (Foundation dedicated to children with cancer).
• Beds for stray dogs and cats made of plastic and cardboard containers that were placed in 7 different communities during the rainy season so that the animals did not get wet and could take shelter.
• Deliveries of blankets in different communities to elderly people in vulnerable situations.
• Collection of clothes for Metlatonoc, a community in Guerrero in a situation of extreme poverty.
• Donation of toys to orphanages and communities.
• Donation of scarves to older adults.
• Collection of shells for music school.
• Extra participations: Contest of altars for the day of the dead.
• Competition of literary skulls.
• Preparation of vocational tests.
• Reading several articles on leadership.
• Summary on leadership films.
• Reading a book of interest.
• Reflection of the national strike on women’s day
• Centro Fox piñata contest
• Courses: UVEG English online program for 4 months
• Virtual classes with a volunteer from Tecnológico de Monterrey for 3 months.
• Participation in the entrepreneurship training course for women between the ages of 15 and 40.
• Participation in “V meeting of young people of the Pacific Alliance”
• Activities proposed by the leaders: time capsule (each leader will write a letter where she tells how she is visualized in 5 years, how she is currently and her personal tastes, and we are going to bury her and unearth her in 5 years )
• Circle of trust: Activity in which a leader places himself in the center and the rest of the team tells him all his qualities, virtues and how much they esteem him.

The 11 leaders of the 5th generation also held an end of activities camp in which everyone exchanged cards, generating more trust and unity in them.
Each leader made a project closure under the presentation format, where they had the opportunity, not only to talk extensively about their projects, but to overcome stage fright, speak fluently in public even when facing their own colleagues.

Among the closures there are two that stand out for their size and the benefit to the people and children of the community, these projects will be carried out by the entire generation and efforts are being added to make them as sustainable as possible.

The first is the realization of 100 tires abandoned on the road that were collected to be painted. Later, integrating donated clothes, they made seats and other figures that they sold for the support of one of her companions, so that she could pay for access to the electricity supply in her house. Was achieved!
The second project consists of painting the playground in one of their schools (found in the community of Los Ramírez), as well as in the green areas of the Fox Center. There are also tree plantations in different parts of their communities, complementing the ecological projects of some of them.

The number of direct beneficiaries is 12 leaders, and indirectly (in the foreground, and taking into account their families and people who were in their projects) 250 people. However, taking in the people who received the benefits in the communities, and the use of social networks, it is approximately 8,000 thousand people.
(This calculation was made based on the number of inhabitants per participatory communities, family members and accumulated shares in social networks).

The greatest satisfaction is the union that was achieved, the trust and availability of the leaders, as well as the personal and professional transformation in each of them.
The 5th generation of ALAS transcended from being a great team to an authentic family, where support, improvement and empathy reflect human beings who really want changes in their environments, changes that they have begun to make, and that will persist in their work.