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“Almost all the good things in life are born from an attitude and I appreciate others.”

Dalai Lama.

Health is the floor that supports the family structure and the community. If we seek the physical and emotional well-being of families, the rest can be achieved more easily.

Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

“If we can modify the destiny of a person for the better, with that, we have justified our passage through this life.”


In Mexico there are more than five million people with some type of motor and/or intellectual disability, a situation that is compounded by environments of violence, poor nutrition and economic difficulties. This figure says nothing if each one of these people is not given a voice, a name and a life story.

Support for children and young people with disabilities and the search to provide them with a better quality of life are our priority in the health axis, which has led us to assume the commitment to share the reins of the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center from San Miguel de Allende to which, with the participation of benefactors and a great team of collaborators, we provide new facilities, better equipped and designed for better results with patients, in addition to the fact that we can now change the lives of more and more people.

“Love is the desire to help others to be the best expression of themselves.”

Patients, with some type of disability and in a vulnerable situation, receive comprehensive rehabilitation services, hydrotherapy, auditory and speech therapy, pediatric physical, physical for adults and children, neurological and psychological.

In addition, to complete their development process, CRISMA offers them art workshops and artistic expressions that, in addition to offering them the possibility of having a trade, represent a very satisfactory occupational therapy for them.

Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

“More than a wheelchair to get around, they get wings to achieve their dreams.”



A constant activity in Vamos México is the delivery of wheelchairs to people with motor disabilities, for whom poverty is an aggravating factor in their condition.

With each wheelchair they receive independence, freedom to create new opportunities, improvement for their environment and that of their family, thus achieving a healthier and more harmonious environment.

Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

“By nurturing your body they also feed your dreams.”

With the provision of 172 thousand doses of Hope Blend nutritional powder to inhabitants of communities and rural areas, it contributes to the strengthening of the immune system.

This vitamin supplement, made from aloe vera, strengthens the immune system thereby reducing respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases.

It is achieved through alliances with American organizations whose objectives are the nutrition and well-being of children. The ways in which we reach the final beneficiary are through:

    1. Alliance with MannaRelief and its co-founder, Sam Caster, as the main distributors of its HOPE BLEND nutritional powder in Mexico.
    2. Strategic alliances with organizations that provide direct care for children and young people: shelters, homes, assistance centers, daily care homes, etc.
    3. Strategic alliance with organizations focused on child and youth nutrition: community kitchens, organizations with nutrition brigades in remote communities or low-income, rural and suburban areas.
    4. Strategic alliance with organizations focused on vulnerable audiences such as: treatment of children and young people with cancer, Down syndrome, drug addicts, among others.
    5. Strategic alliance with Food Bank and Transportation Companies.
    6. In a smaller percentage, institutions for the care of the elderly and the indigent, since the demand is wide and they require nutritional support.
    7. Strategic alliance with Universities, with Lic. Nutrition to take to the bimester a talk about nutrition and physical activation.

Expected impact

30,000 People with positive changes in manifestations of malnutrition, and / or disease.

Enable people to have healthier habits and physical activation.

Strong links with non-profit associations that as allies ensure to reach people from adverse socioeconomic conditions and who are unable to acquire an optimal diet by themselves.