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ALOVÉA & VAMOS MÉXICO: A New Model of Social Business

Alovéa arrives as a new social business model to combat malnutrition in Mexico. It is a collaboration with Fundación Vamos México and Centro Fox for the distribution of nutritional products that will contribute to the well-being of thousands of children.

Today comes to our country a new proposal for the health market, the name of this company is ALOVÉA, which has been successfully established in the U.S.A. for more than 2 years.

The heart and mission of the company is based on providing nutrition to the neediest children in the world, ALOVÉA has donated in our country more than 40 million nutritional servings to needy children through its product Mighty Milk with the help of the Vamos Mexico Foundation.

ALOVÉA seeks to break into the market by proposing effective, natural, toxicity-free, patented and high-tech products that support health in a different way.

Currently, it is working with the MANOS (Mexico Activating Nutrition with Social Objectives) program of the Vamos Mexico Foundation family, which focuses on nutrition under doses of Mighty Milk fortified milk.

In the first quarter of the year, 16,766 kg were distributed:

  • 16,766 kg delivered
  • 18,483 people supported
  • 21 States of the country benefited

This alliance allows for the growth of collaboration and continuity in support of organizations and institutions such as; Hospitals, Addiction Centers, Orphanages, Community Centers, Nursing Homes, among others.

On Saturday, May 7th, at Centro Fox, a special conference was held with the participation of Marta Sahagún de Fox (President and founder of Vamos Mexico), accompanied by Vicente Fox Quesada (President of Mexico 2000-2006), Sam Caster (founder of MannaRelief), and Octavio Hernández (president of Alovéa Latino).

Together they pointed out the importance of these alliances for the benefit of children in vulnerable situations, as well as the business outreach to combat malnutrition.

They also emphasized that the main product (powdered milk) has three lines of development:

  • That the child receives the nutrients his body needs in order not to lose muscle mass.
  • That the child receives a multivitamin for the brain.
  • That the product provides support to their immune system.

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